Lectern Options/Features

Below, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of options available for our lecterns. In addition to these standard solutions, we proudly offer an array of specialized options, tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

Microphones and Options
For an effective lecture or presentation, it’s crucial that your voice is clear and audible to your audience. This requires not only good acoustics and sound system but also the right choice of microphone and shockmount on the lectern. With our expertise, we ensure that everything is perfectly tuned so you can deliver your message with confidence.

simp-spreekgestoelte met mx412 en mx419

Gooseneck Microphones
Our standard model, the MX412C, has a length of 12″ (30.5 cm), but sometimes more length is desired, then we opt for the MX418C with a length of 18″ (45.70 cm). Both gooseneck microphones have two bendable parts, allowing the microphone to be easily adjusted for different speakers. Thanks to the microphone’s directional sensitivity, the speaker is heard loud and clear, while ambient noises are suppressed. (Visit Shure’s website here for more technical information.)


Shure A400SM Shockmount
A commonly used choice in our range is the Shure A400SM shockmount. This ingenious design includes a rubber holder with a built-in option for an XLR microphone connection. With this shockmount, annoying “rumble” is effectively prevented. The suspension is specially designed to isolate any contact sounds, such as the tapping of a speaker on the lectern. More information can be found here on the Shure website.

spreekgestoelte Simp met Audio-technica at8646Q Shockmount

Audio Technica AT8646Q
The sleek AT8646Q shock mount in a flat design is perfectly suited for lecterns with limited depth. This version features a microphone connector mounted on an absorbing rubber housing. (Shown with a Shure MX412 gooseneck and microphone) For more technical details, please visit the Audio-Technica website here

Reading Lights
Lighting is crucial, especially in dark spaces or rooms with various ambient lights. It’s essential for the speaker to see their presentation clearly without being blinded. Villa ProCtrl has developed special LED lighting designs that ensure your presentation is always brightly and clearly illuminated, without any annoying light dispersion.


spreekgestoelte LED leeslamp met control panel

VP LED Reading Light
Designed with a thoughtful approach for use with lecterns, this lighting is specially crafted. The angle and light intensity are perfectly tailored to illuminate your presentation. The lamp is effortlessly detachable, and the mounting panel also includes a convenient on/off switch. A dedicated power supply ensures the lamp receives power, allowing you to focus on your message without any hassle with lighting.

Glass holders
Lubricating the throat is not a luxury during a presentation, which is why we have developed a suitable glass holder for each lectern. The glass holder ensures that a glass or cup always stands firmly and upright on the lectern regardless of the angle of the reading surface.

spreekgestoelte simp met glashouder

VP Glass Holder for Lectern Simp
Here you see one of our exclusive glass holders, specially designed for the elegant lectern Simp. What makes this glass holder unique is that it can be attached to both sides of the lectern.

Reading Desk
For a lectern with a flat work surface, we offer the perfect solution: our specially designed Reading Tray. This clever design makes it easy to read your presentation and place papers or a tablet down. This way, you can fully concentrate on your speech without any distractions.

spreekgestoelte Ztature met leesplateau

Detachable Reading Desk
Here is the detachable reading desk for the Ztature lectern. With a 10-degree angle, this reading shelf provides a comfortable reading posture. Additionally, it features a stylish stainless steel paper stop, ensuring your documents and/or tablet stay neatly in place during your presentation.

Spreekgestoelte Zensyation met logobord

Logo Board Zensaytion
Check out our example of an A4 logo board on a Zensyation lectern. With this versatile logo board, you can easily customize the logo on the front by simply inserting the correct A4-sized logo behind the acrylic glass. For added flexibility, there is also an option available where the acrylic front panel is omitted to prevent potential glare and to present your logo clearly and professionally.

Doors & Drawers
With our customizable lockable doors, you can easily and safely store important items in your lectern, whether it’s documents, electronics, or other accessories.

spreekgestoelte Bandz met kastdeur optie

Here is an example of the practical lockable doors in our Bandz podium. This convenient feature not only provides secure storage for your essentials but also adds a touch of functionality and elegance to your stage. Additionally, as an extra option, you can have a convenient shelf installed, keeping your items organized and within reach during your presentation or performance.

spreekgestoelte BoxNext met lade optie

Discover the elegant lectern BoxNext, complete with a convenient lockable drawer. This smart addition not only provides a stylish appearance but also practical storage space for your essentials. With the lockable drawer, you can safely store your valuable items while maintaining a sleek and tidy podium.

Cable Management and Cable Pass-throughs
For connecting a laptop or tablet, we offer various options to make this process simple. You can opt for a basic cable pass-through, allowing you to route your own cables through the lectern. For even more convenience and a tidy appearance, you can also choose a complete solution where the power outlet and cables are already integrated into the lectern. Not only does this make it easier to connect your own equipment, but it also keeps everything neatly concealed.

IsertSpreekgestoelte Cable-managament

Here you see an example of our advanced cable management system, applied in our Isert and Spietz lectern models. This system features pull-out cables, including HDMI, USB, LAN, and a 3.5-inch audio jack. Additionally, it includes a power outlet and a cable pass-through, allowing you to easily accommodate extra cables or connections. With this integrated solution, your cables remain neatly organized, ensuring a professional presentation.

Connectie paneel onderzijde spreekgestoelte Isert t.b.v. Isert

Discover the convenient functionality of our lectern, where you can easily make connections to your system through the integrated cable pass-through in the base plate. This keeps your cables neatly concealed and organized. Furthermore, the connections and power supply are meticulously tested and certified by our specialists before the lectern is delivered, ensuring reliable operation from the first moment.

VPS System
A comprehensive solution for your audio, reading light, and charging needs for your tablet or phone. With our integrated systems, you not only enjoy high-quality sound performance but also an optimal reading experience and the convenience of charging your mobile devices, all within reach. Experience the convenience and versatility of the VPS system for a seamless presentation experience.

VPS Connectie systeem Spreekgestoelten

The innovative VPS system is a complete solution for your lectern or presentation furniture. This system includes a Shure Shockmount, an LED reading lamp with an on/off switch, and a convenient USB charging point. Additionally, the system comes with a built-in power supply and a PowerCON® power connection, providing everything you need at your fingertips. Furthermore, an XLR connection point is also integrated into the lectern for connecting your microphone.

Power Connections and Cables
You can easily choose additional cables, sockets, extension cords, and more for your lectern from our range of products. With our high-quality products, you can be assured of reliability and ease of use during every presentation.

Our power supply options for lecterns come standard with powerCON® TRUE1 connectors. These professional connectors are globally recognized and provide both an input and an output, allowing you to effortlessly create multiple power points. Additionally, we supply cables in any desired length and for any imaginable national or local power system, ensuring your lectern is always equipped with the right power supply. For more details, visit the Neutrik website here

Protective Covers
For optimal protection of your lectern, we offer custom-made protective covers, ensuring your lectern remains in top condition at all times.

Op maat gemaakt hoes voor spreekgestoelte Spietz

For every model of lectern, we offer the option to have a custom-made cover manufactured. These covers are specifically designed to fit perfectly with your chosen lectern. They not only provide protection against dust and scratches but also extend the lifespan of your lectern. With our custom-made covers, your lectern will always remain in optimal condition.