Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the safety of my lectern?
Absolutely. Our lecterns comply with the strictest safety standards. The electrical installation is fully inspected according to the NEN 3140 standard by a certified inspector. Additionally, we pay close attention to stability and preventing sharp edges because your safety is our priority.

Is it possible to choose my own color and finish?
In most cases, yes. You often have the freedom to choose your desired color and finish. For example, metal lecterns can be finished in any color you prefer. With wooden models, you also have options such as an HPL finish or a real wood veneer finish. See here for the color options.

Do you also provide installation of lecterns on-site?
In most cases, this is not necessary because our lecterns are delivered plug & play. You only need to unpack the lectern and place it in the desired location. Any connections, such as those for a microphone or power supply, are easy to make yourself.

Do you also provide 3D CAD models that I can use in my own designs?
Yes, we have many models available in the SketchUp Warehouse and can provide a 3D model in any desired format upon request, such as IGS, STP, DXF, DWG, OBJ, etc.

Can you deliver worldwide?
Absolutely! We can deliver your lectern wherever you need it, worldwide. With our years of experience, we have built up the necessary expertise to deliver anywhere in the world. We take into account local requirements, such as power supplies and plug types, to ensure a seamless delivery process.

Can you also design and deliver matching furniture?
Yes, we frequently supply special matching tables for items such as a glass of water or furniture for a laptop. We can either handle this internally or collaborate with one of our partners.

Can I use my own brand of microphone?
Absolutely, you can! You can use your own microphone that fits with your current audio system. We collaborate with all major and well-known manufacturers to ensure that there is always a suitable solution available for your needs.

I want to use my laptop or tablet on the lectern. Is that possible?
Certainly! Almost every model of lectern in our range can be equipped with a power outlet, video connection, and data connection. These connections are discreetly integrated into the lectern, so you just need to make the connections.

Can the lectern be adjusted to different heights?
Absolutely. We have several models available where you can adjust the work or reading surface to the desired height continuously.

Do you offer lecterns suitable for wheelchair users?
Absolutely, we have specially designed lecterns that are perfectly suitable for wheelchair users.

Can I have a custom lectern or presentation furniture designed?
Certainly, our design and engineering department can translate your ideas into a feasible production model.

I would like to integrate electronics, such as a confidence monitor or a Crestron Control panel. Is that possible? Absolutely, that’s even one of our specialties. Together with you, we can devise and implement solutions that meet your specific requirements, including the installation and connection of screens, HDMI extenders, computers, control panels, and more. Our expertise extends to fully integrating and testing the electronics.

Can you advise us on which lectern best suits our needs?
Yes, in addition to our sales advisors, we can also support you by, for example, virtually placing your chosen lectern and colors in your space. If desired, we can also connect you with an (interior) architect to make the right choices together for the lectern, finishing, and colors.

Can you also advise us on integrating the lectern into our system and which microphone we need? Absolutely, with our extensive knowledge and expertise in audio and visual systems, we can always provide a suitable solution for any situation.

I have a preference for a particular supplier. Is that a problem?
No, we often collaborate with dealers or AV integrators. Together with you and your supplier, we ensure the best delivery and installation conditions, including the desired options..

How long does a lectern last?
We pay close attention to the quality and durability of your lectern. Structurally, a lectern can last for years, depending on factors such as the environment, material choice, and maintenance. For environments with a lot of wear and tear, such as classrooms or conference centers, we can take measures to extend the lifespan. Using a cover or flight case is also recommended to keep the lectern in good condition.

Why are there no prices listed for your products?
Our lecterns are custom-made and handcrafted for each customer. Displaying fixed prices would therefore not provide an accurate picture, as each customer has unique preferences that determine the final price. You will always receive a customized quote, taking into account your specific requirements and preferences.