Choosing the right lectern is not always simple.
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Below are a few pieces of advice and tips.

The purpose of your lectern
To choose the right lectern, it’s important to know how and where you’ll be using it. A lectern with a fixed setup in an auditorium that will be used for multiple purposes has different requirements than an elegantly discreet narrow lectern for a political TV debate or the G7 summit.

Lectern Options
The options and accessories you want to add to the lectern, as well as the possibilities for them, are also determining factors in your choice. For example, you may want to place a laptop or iPad on the lectern and connect it to the projector. It’s convenient if all the necessary cables are already present in the top panel of your lectern. You may also want space beneath the reading surface to temporarily place or store items behind lockable doors. Here you will find the page with the most common options.

If desired, we can collaborate with your current audiovisual supplier to perfectly integrate the lectern into your current setup.

Adjustable Height or Fixed Height?

Adjustable Height
For speakers over 2 meters tall or in a wheelchair, an adjustable lectern is desirable. For example, the Spietz model offers this option and has an extendable reading surface that accommodates microphones. This allows a wheelchair user to bring the reading surface closer and deliver a perfect presentation, providing additional accessibility.

Fixed Height
A lectern has a reading surface at approximately 105 cm height, similar to a door handle. The slanted reading surface is held at the beginning by shorter speakers and higher up by taller speakers. Shorter speakers often use a step stool. This height is chosen for practicality and consideration.

Custom Made?

We understand that you may be looking for a lectern that is not readily available in our collection. Villa ProCtrl regularly creates custom-made lecterns for its clients. These can include modifications such as adding a screen or a translation module, allowing the speaker to choose their own language via the interpreter when questions are asked. Or lecterns tailored for lecture halls.