You are choosing a lectern with an Acrylic Finish

Standard Acrylic

By choosing acrylic, you have several options for the finish. Your lectern will be delivered in the standard finish as shown on this website. In some cases, you can choose a different color of acrylic if desired. For more information, please contact the advisors at Villa ProCtrl. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Dual Satin clear

The lectern models i-NoxZ, i-NoxZ Premium, i-NoxZ Infinity, and Space Executive are standardly delivered in Dual Satin clear. This material allows light to pass through but provides enough privacy, only revealing contours.

Colored Acrylic

It is possible to deliver an acrylic lectern in solid colored acrylic if desired. You may also choose transparent or semi-transparent colored acrylic. There are many options available.

Acrylic with RGB LED illumination

The Space MC RGB lectern is supplied with acrylic LED panels. This acrylic has undergone surface treatment to emit light. The LED light is illuminated on the thickness side of the acrylic with 3 colors (red, blue, and green) LEDs. Watch the video below for the effect.