Lectern model:
Water table

Add a dynamic option to your presentation and include the Water table: a stylish, slender table with space for a carafe and a few glasses

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Thanks to modern audiovisual and digital techniques, a speaker is no longer tied to a lectern. With portable microphones and remote control options, a speaker can walk and move about the stage and through the room to tell their story.

However, without a lectern, where do you put the glass of water that you really need to have handy? How do you keep your professional appearance?

The Water Table is the perfect solution. This high, slender table adds a stylish element to impress your audience and shows your attention to detail.

The Water Table offers a square stainless steel upright, a stainless steel base and a transparent acrylic table top.

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11 Kg
24.3 lbs

30 x 20 x 99 cm
11.8 x 7.9 x 39.0 inch


10-year construction warranty

Dutch Design by Villa ProCtrl
All pulpits are by Dutch designers and made in the Netherlands.

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