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The lectern Step-up literally has a step. It gives the speaker an extra stature. Made from a stainless steel frame and the podium (with a non-slip mat) is of wood with HPL cover. The desk is optionally available with two shock mounts with microphone and reading light. The finish of the colours and materials is entirely to match your interior.


Flight case
Microphone cable(s)
Shock mount for microphone(s)
PowerCon cable
LED reading light

Various colours and combinations in HPL available

10 year warranty on construction

Dutch Design by Villa ProCtrl. All lecterns are Dutch design made in The Netherlands.

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De naam “Simp” van dit spreekgestoelte verklapt het al, Less is More. Drie vlakken bepalen de sterke uitstraling van dit moderne tijdloze spreekgestoelte. Gemaakt van hout bekleed met HPL.

The name of this lectern “Simp” gives away a lot, Less is More. Three surfaces define the strong appearance of this modern timeless lectern. Made of wood covered with HPL.

Der Name dieses Pultes „Simp“ verrät viel, Weniger ist mehr. Drei Flächen bestimmen die kraftvolle Erscheinung dieses modernen, zeitlosen Pultes. Aus Holz mit HPL beschichtet.
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