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The seamless tabletop lectern Topdesk transforms any table into a representative podium. The Topdesk is available in timeless black or modern white.

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With the Topdesk tabletop lectern, you can quickly turn any table into a representative podium. It is molded from a single sheet of Solid Surface, making it seamless. This gives the Topdesk an elegant appearance and ensures that it is easy to clean.

This tabletop lectern is available in a timeless black finish or in white, perfect for modern settings. It can also be customized with your organization’s logo. The angled reading surface features a stainless steel paper stop.

If desired, we can equip your Topdesk tabletop lectern with a shock mount for mounting your microphone, which we also offer as an optional accessory. With the shock mount, your presentation’s sound will never be disrupted by contact noise from the lectern.

Weighing only twelve kilograms, the compact Topdesk is easy to transport. For hassle-free transportation with minimal risk of damage, we can provide your Topdesk with a matching protective cover or flight case.

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8 Kg
17.6 lbs

55 x 45 x 23 cm
21.7 x 17.7 x 9.1 inch


10-year construction warranty

Dutch Design by Villa ProCtrl
All pulpits are by Dutch designers and made in the Netherlands.

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