Spietz MM AVMI Kinly

In collaboration with AVMI Kinly, we transformed the existing height-adjustable lectern, Spietz,into a versatile multimedia furniture piece. We created a dedicated space for accommodating various media equipment, such as a mini-PC and a Creston HDMI extender. Villa ProCtrl also handled the complete connection and certification of the power supply and connection panels, making the process of adding and connecting equipment for AVMI Kinly a straightforward task.

The media bay provides three shelves for placing equipment, shielded with a panel when everything is installed. Additionally, this lectern is equipped with a cable management system, a retractable work surface, and a detachable logo holder at the front.

The cable management is equipped with a special connection panel, including a retractable HDMI cable, power supply, and cable pass-through for an organized and efficient setup.

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