Winship Cancer Institute Emory Midtown

Villa ProCtrl and our USA reseller Empire Office collaborated with design firm HKS, Inc. to transform the 180,000 square meter outpatient facility. This expansive patient and family-centered clinic offers orthopedic and spine care, physical therapy, imaging, outpatient surgery, shops, cafes, and research spaces. The Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Midtown is designed to provide a unique model of cancer care that places patients at the center of specialized care communities bridging outpatient and clinical care and integrating groundbreaking research into prevention and treatments. Over six floors consist of supportive, private offices, and workspaces featuring products from various manufacturers including Steelcase, Coalesse, Sitonit, 9to5 Seating, OFS, and National Office Furniture. With Emory’s vision in mind to be an example of transformative practices and sustainable choices, Empire Office was pleased to collaborate and develop an environmentally friendly solution for this client.

Together with Office Empire, we brought to life the design of the Rondo Lectern and delivered several dozen units for this project.

Especially noteworthy are the shortened shelf and rounded edges on the base plate to prevent bumps. These lecterns are not used as such but rather as a Maitre d’ station or mobile hospitality desk.

See the model in our catalog here