Hanse-Office for Solufak

For Solufak’s client Hanse-Office in Germany, we have completed a custom-designed project, in which our standard lectern ‘Simp’ has been upgraded with various customer-specific features. This not only makes the lectern wireless but also provides seamless integration with their own microphone system. With a special suspension system and customized microphone solutions, our product fully meets their needs. Additionally, it is equipped with a convenient power bank, which not only powers the reading light but also charges devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Spreekgestoelte Simp vooraanzicht met logo van hanse Office voor Soluflak

Wireless In this project, the clients wanted to use their lectern wirelessly, making them flexible for use anywhere. To achieve this, a Goal Zero Powerbank has been added, which provides power for the LED reading light and enables charging of a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, a holder for a Sennheiser Tablestand 153-S-DW has been added, along with a connection to our existing VPS system.

Lectern Simp voor Hansestad achteraanzicht voor Soluflak
Achteraanzicht spreekgestoelte Simp voor Soluflak

The top view reveals the VP system, with an integrated cup holder on the right side and a cable pass-through on the left side. The glass shelf is intended to keep papers and other presentation essentials easily within reach.

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